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Canadian Lynx and Bobcats


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Banff Grizzly Bears 126 and 142, aka the wrestling bears


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Snowy Owls - the white ghosts of the prairies


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Small mammals, the cutest of the cute


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Grizzly Bears, the misunderstood beauties of the rockies


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Black Bears, playful and curious characters


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Short-eared Owls, the most inquisitive of the owls


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Small Owls, power and strength in a pint-sized package


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Beyond the photo: two left-over bohemian waxwings blow my mind…

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Dark figures in the branches, combined with a high-pitched whistling, drew me towards a patch of berry bushes at the edge of Glenmore reservoir. I squinted upwards through the harsh…

Alberta Bobcat triggers a tirade of sailor-level swearing

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When we spotted a carcass on the side of the road, we slowed to a crawl and cautiously drove closer. From a distance, the carcass appeared to be nothing more…

The coast of BC brings me back to my birding roots

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I thought my jacket was water proof, but the moisture leaching through the layers of nylon and cotton proved me wrong.  My neck hurt from craning my head into unnatural…

My top ten wildlife encounters of 2017

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I was among a semi-circle of four photographers, laying flat, belly-down on the icy ground, heads awkwardly propped in front of our cameras, lenses aimed towards an opening in the…