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Canadian Lynx and Bobcats


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Banff Grizzly Bears 126 and 142, aka the wrestling bears


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Snowy Owls - the white ghosts of the prairies


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Small mammals, the cutest of the cute


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Grizzly Bears, the misunderstood beauties of the rockies


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Black Bears, playful and curious characters


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Short-eared Owls, the most inquisitive of the owls


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Small Owls, power and strength in a pint-sized package


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Two Photographers out-smart a Northern River Otter (sort of)

| Wildlife Blog | 2 Comments

‘That’s an ffing otter!!!!’ I blurted, spotting a dark, oblong body in the middle of the snow-covered road. Within seconds, the figure slid from our view, disappearing through the trees…

Beyond the photo: Moose in water inspires renewed faith in humanity

| Wildlife Blog | 12 Comments

I was just so pissed-off, sitting there at the edge of paradise. A glacial lake cradled in the arms of an expansive mountain valley lay before me, inviting me into…

My dad, a 420 granola bar and Banff grizzly bear 136

| Wildlife Blog | 4 Comments

I strained my eyes to focus beyond a thick network of leafy tendrils, anxious for visual confirmation of what I was told was a resting grizzly bear. As the dark…

Two porcupines inspire a Master’s Project in ethical wildlife photography

| Wildlife Blog | No Comments

Blobs in trees. As a child, I always fantasized about observing and photographing wildlife when I grew up, but I never imagined I would become obsessed with examining blobs in…