Moose are to Canada what giraffes are to Africa

September 21, 2015

I’ve been thinking about it ever since I got back from Africa in June. Moose and giraffes – both interesting and beautiful creatures who share an iconic connection to the region they inhabitant. Let me explain…

Even though they are found in other countries, moose are just SO Canadian. I would argue even more so than our national animal, the beaver. In fact, when I was in Africa, our group had the opportunity to meet the young Massai students at the Building Hope Academy school in Kenya. As the kids were greeting us with a smiles and songs, I glanced over to the window and noticed this:

CanadaMooseNeed I say more?

Giraffes have the same iconic connection to Africa. It’s virtually impossible to envision the world’s tallest animal without thinking of the magical continent they inhabit. I will never forget one of our first encounters with giraffes on the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya. Close to the end of our first evening game drive, the sky was starting to look rather threatening. As we stopped to examine our surroundings, the thick, dark clouds dispersed just enough to allow the setting sun to bathe the expansive valley. Four tall figures appeared in the distance, slowly walking towards our vehicle. Our group sat in silence as they moved closer, revealing themselves as a family with two young giraffes with two adults. The family walked right beside our vehicle then along the road behind us. It was like all of Africa herself approached us that night, welcoming us on to the sacred landscape.
GiraffeonthePlainsGiraffes and moose also share a number of physical and behavioral attributes…

Their skinny legs should not be able to support their massive bodies – but they do…


They have beautiful, expressive eyes…

soulfuleyesThey both LOVE to stick their tongues out…

tongueThey are massively large and powerful animals that exude extreme gentleness…

giraffeemoosegentleI’m so grateful I had the opportunity to observe and photograph Africa’s ‘sister’ to the iconic Canadian moose.  To me, giraffes symbolize the peace and solitude that infuses the African Savannah and all of her creatures.

Until next time, continue loving life and all things wild! 😉

P.S – check out more moose photos here and giraffe photos here.

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  1. Elizabeth Lennox

    That was so beautifully written. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. Thanks for posting!


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