Awhile ago, I was on a spiritual journey and stuck in a paradox – flipping something over and over in my mind, trying to intellectually get something that is not intellectually get-able.

I was feeling connected with the spirit of my lost loved ones, specifically my mom, dad and my friend Marybeth, all of whom passed away over the past few years – I was really missing them, wishing they were still here. Then it happened…

I experienced the paradox and was overcome with immense feeling and a lot of tears. I felt such deep and profound grief that they are no longer here ALONG WITH such deep and profound gratitude for their presence in my life, both in the physical realm and beyond.

Gratitude and grief – both states existed within me at once. It was not one or the other, it was both – and both encompasses EVERYTHING.

In Reflection was inspired by this beautiful paradox. Real photographs digitally duplicated, flipped, combined and interlaced, creating rich layers of symmetry and revealing the magic within.

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