Pine Marten acknowledges my Martin-ness

October 30, 2022

Who am I to speak to the Wisdom of Animals?

Versions of this question have been looping through my mind ever since my sister and I started talking about creating a deck of ‘messenger-type cards’ based on my photographs a few years ago.

Creating such an entity, in my opinion, is a big responsibility. This card deck falls within the realm of ‘guide’ or ‘messenger’ cards, in the sense that the choice of a card and the message within is guided by something greater.

Speaking on behalf of ‘something greater’ should never be taken lightly. And, speaking on behalf of animals in general should never be taken lightly.

I was often overcome by the magnitude of this responsibility during the process of co-creating a deck of Animal Wisdom Cards with my sister, Tina Forsyth.

However, am very happy to announce – I was able to move through this uncomfortableness and our Animal Wisdom Cards deck is now officially for sale!

Among the 40 Canadian Animals represented in the deck is the Pine Marten (aka Pacific Marten,) who is at least partially responsible for giving me the confidence and esteem to get these cards out there.

When a Marten appears, in any form, you know you are in for a roller-coaster of a ride. But rest assured, by the end – you will have stepped into some deeper aspect of who you are; claimed an important part of your identity.

I can attest to the ultimately rewarding, yet unpredictable, turbulent path that results from aligning with the erratically focused energy of the Pine Marten.

Almost exactly two years ago, a Marten (who I named Marty) appeared to remind me that my worth is in my Kerri Martin-ness. This, and countless other magical experiences with wild animals, is the essence of these cards.

My plan is to dedicate a full blog post to my Pine Marten experiences soon, and of course, the 39 other animals represented in the cards, and beyond.

The physical Animal Wisdom Cards deck will also be accompanied by the AWC website, where you also have the option of digitally choosing a card.

Please join our Animal Wisdom Cards Facebook Group here if you would like to be part of future discussions on the energy and essence of wild animals.

And, sign up for the Animal Wisdom Cards mailing list here to have weekly doses of animal wisdom delivered to your inbox.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on our new cards and continue to love life and everything wild!

Kerri :)


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