The Activation of an Animal Artist

July 30, 2022

Ever since writing my last blog post, about fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming an Animal Artist, interesting, creative sparks have been activating themselves in my world, beaconing me to explore my artistic spirit.

In my last blog, I described how viewing my images on a large screen, enhanced by an extra ‘Kerri’ flare in the form of digital stylization, opened me up to the realization that I am fulfilling my destiny.

I am becoming an Animal Artist.

Today I realize, I have moved beyond the ‘becoming’ part of the process and I am ready to actively claim my identity.

I have been getting a lot of reminders lately, of the need to nurture my art, the most recent of which took place a few weeks ago…

The view from my recliner

I was reclining in my recliner, feeling at home, when I found myself pulled into the art decorating my walls. Most of the images are my photographs, taken by me, yet they were challenging me to shift my perspective on their true nature.

They are Animal Art, I realized, which is so multi-faceted and personal.

I have experienced  the magic of being in the presence of  so many wild animals. There are so many stories embedded in the art work on my walls.

The evolution of a new store

And then, a couple of weeks ago, my friend Andrea showed me her new Online Art Store, which inspired me to experiment with the creation of my own.

My initial plan was to dedicate the store to my Animal Wisdom Cards project. So for about a week, I worked on creating a logo, some digital greeting cards and a digital store.

This is a screen shot of my Animal Wisdom Cards (AWC) store as it stands now:

No where near a complete store, I realize, but not bad considering the site itself probably only took about five hours to create.

The Kerri who started working in the online world 20 years ago would have been blown away by this creation. Back then, making digital stores was remarkably complicated.

There was so much potential in this digital entity. 

The evolution of another new store

Then yesterday evening, I thought of an idea for another store and things started  falling into place rather quickly.

A new store materialized digitally before me within a period of 24 hours. I went from ‘idea for name’ to ‘creation of logo’ to functional, digital entity.

Please check out:

There are minimal words, currently, but this is a functional store with purchasable art in the form of four 12 x12” Canvas prints.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but I decided to honour the nine-year anniversary of my first sighting of a Canadian Lynx, which is today – July 30, 2022 – by launching this new entity.

Being my first ever wild cat encounter made that day so meaningful – this would have been enough. But my first lynx encounter also marked the beginning of this blog, and the building of

I did not realize it at the time, but this site has allowed me to build an online identity that is very much aligned with who I am. I am a nature and wildlife photographer who is driven to share stories and images about the amazingness of Mother Nature. And I have been doing that for over 9 years, but I am also an Animal Artist. is the beginning of me honouring my artistry and stepping into my identity in an empowered way. I am a photographer and a writer, but I am also a digital communications specialist who has been working in the online world for two decades. I have a lot of experience and the drive to follow in the Martin family’s footsteps.

I feel like it is time to merge my web-based communications skill with my inner artist.

Please consider clicking above and giving my new store a visit. All items are currently purchasable if any of them speak to you, at a discounted price.

Stay tuned to this blog and follow me on social media to hear future news about Animal Artist related endeavours. At a minimum, there will be more products added this store in the near future.

Thanks for following me on this journey, and as always, continue to love life and everything wild. 🙂


  1. Michelle

    Wishing you much success with your new ventures, Kerri…as always, your work is captivating

    • Kerri Martin

      Thanks so much Michelle! 🙂

  2. Brendan

    Congratulations, Kerri! I hope this new adventure is fulfilling and brings you much joy and contentment! 🙂 xoxo

    • Kerri Martin

      Thanks so much Brendan 🙂


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