Valentine’s day special – love in the animal kingdom

By February 13, 2015Wildlife Blog

Animals don’t do romance in the way we humans do, but they certainly show love and affection. The depth of connection animals share is just as real as love among humans. Whether it is mating behaviors, family interaction or simply relating to each other in their daily lives, getting an opportunity to see of how animals engage with each other is a magical experience. This Valentine’s day, I wanted to share some images that I think do a great job of illustrating love and affection in the animal kingdom…

The dancing elk

 Dancing Elk - NW of Calgary, AB

Affection may not have been the driving force behind the the embrace of these two elk – assertiveness or territorial-ism perhaps? Regardless, these Elk appear to be engaged in a beautiful dance that symbolizes at least a strong connection among herd mates, if nothing more.

Momma grizzly and cub












Just look at those eyes! What more do I need to say?

The ravens

Raven Couple, Jasper National Park

Whether they are a mating couple, parent and child, siblings, friends – whatever – these two ravens demonstrate an intimacy unmatched by many humans.

Mom is always there

Great Horned Owlet and Shadow mom -West of Vulcan, AB

This little great horned owlet may think he is venturing out on his own, but mom will always be watching from the shadows.

The toad threesome

American Toads Mating - Windsor, ON

Subtlety is not a tactic American toads use when it comes to choosing a mate. The male vibrates a trilling sound from his expanded throat sack, and the females respond by pouncing on the potential mate.

Spruce and Ruffed Grouse strut












These male grouse know they got back, and when it comes to attracting the ladies, they are not shy about showing it off.

Until next time, continue to love life and all things wild 🙂


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  • Pattie Morin says:

    Hi there. Just wanted to say thank-you for the wonderful pictures and stories . l used to go to the mountains every weekend but due to illness l can not go as much as l would love to. My only way to see these beautifull animals are with people like yourself.The pictures are great and l hope to see more. Please don’t stop.Sometimes in life we don’t know how much we affect people.So, l am letting you know how much you are helping me through your pictures. Thank-you. Sincerely pattie

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