World Animal Day: Celebrating Creatures Great and Small

By September 23, 2017Wildlife Blog

A calm and gentle demeanour betrays the secretive nature of this elusive cat. Their eyes, a looking glass to the ethereal realm of Mother Nature, reveal the perfect balance of curiosity and cautiousness. Silver and brown streaked fur envelopes the delicate facial features, with tufts of fur sprouting from the tips of the ears like small tendrils reaching beyond the confines of the body. Muscular back legs and snowshoe-like paws aid these stealthy felines in chasing down their main source of prey, the snowshoe hare.

Canadian Lynx are not only one of my favourite animals, size-wise, I estimate they fall about half way between a bee and an elephant. How did I come to such a seemingly irrelevant comparison of species? I’ve been thinking about creatures great and small ever since my good friend Carol Tracey, advocate/activist for animal welfare and the environment, invited me to speak at an event in celebration of World Animal Day.

With images of bees, lynx, elephants and a myriad of critters in between, the focus is on celebrating the animals that grace the planet and enrich our lives. I know there are so many issues for both animals and humans these day, but I really believe there is so much to celebrate. As an animal lover and photographer, I’m so honoured to have the opportunity to share my images and experiences with you, in person.

Here are the dets:

Date: Sunday October 1, 2017

Time: 1:30 to 4pm

My talk: 2pm to 3pm

Location: Pages Bookstore & Small Press, 1135 Kensington  Rd NW

Free entry and Free raffle (tickets available on the day of the event)

Download the event poster here and feel free to print and display.

Facebook Event Page

Questions? Contact me here. I hope to see you in Kensignton on Oct 1 🙂

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